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Advanced Tutoring Services


Whether you are a first-time bar exam taker or you are taking it again, working with an experienced professional bar exam tutor will give you every advantage heading into the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut (MEE), Rhode Island (MEE), New Hampshire (UBE), or District of Columbia (MEE) bar exams. Unfortunately, private tutoring is a costly commitment, and anyone, even a non-lawyer, can profess from behind the curtain of a website to be a bar exam expert. How do you know that you are hiring the best?

Over the years, countless candidates have trusted Pieper Bar Review to place them with a qualified bar exam expert to guide them through the exam process and provide personal attention to their particular needs and schedule. All Pieper tutors have successfully completed the Pieper Bar Review program, and currently work with Pieper as editors, graders and/or bar exam consultants. These lawyers have been approved and trained by John, Troy and Damian Pieper, who keep them abreast of changes in the law and exam and closely monitor their tutoring relationships.


Pieper tutors provide candidates with substantive law clarification, technique and skills-based instruction, and constructive feedback. In that regard, Pieper Tutors tailor study schedules, identify strengths and weaknesses, assign and critique additional work, and monitor candidates' performance throughout the bar review course and right through the exam. They meet with candidates for two hours each week throughout the bar review process. thus candidates should expect to commit to between 18-20 hours over eight to ten weeks with their tutors.  Meetings are held in person at the Pieper office in Mineola, in New York City at a place designated by the tutor or by Skype at a mutually convenient time.

Demand for Pieper Tutors, particularly the Piepers, is high, and their availability is limited. Candidates who submit payment, a completed tutoring application and their prior score sheets (where applicable) will be considered and placed on a first-come, first-served basis. Once placed with a tutor, candidates will be forwarded a tutoring retainer agreement that sets forth additional terms and conditions of the tutoring relationship. Interested candidates should choose this option at their earliest opportunity as demand for Pieper Tutors often exceeds availability; while we will make every effort to place all candidates with a tutor, submitting the application and payment will not guaranty the availability of the requested Pieper Tutor, program or geographic proximity. Of course, candidates who cannot be placed with Pieper Tutors will receive a prompt return of any funds submitted for tutoring.

For full service Tutoring, Pieper Tutors hourly rates are $300 ($5,400 for nine two-hour session).  For all tutoring inquiries, please contact advancedtutors@pieperbar.com.


Some candidates who are not enrolled in Full Service Tutoring suddenly find that they desire some immediate, personal attention with a specific aspect of the bar exam or their bar exam preparation. While Pieper Bar Review cannot guaranty tutor availability, we will try to accommodate Pieper students. In that regard, we invite these candidates to submit their request to meet with a tutor for a minimum two-hour session on a specified issue or set of issues (e.g., mortgages, UCC, essay writing, MPT, MBE, etc.). Subject to tutor availability and the candidate's stated need, individual tutors will endeavor to fit the requested meeting into their schedules. This option is limited, and again candidates who submit their request and payment will be considered and placed on a first-come, first-served basis.

For A La Cart Tutoring, Pieper hourly rates are $325 ($650 per two-hour session).  For all tutoring inquiries, please contact advancedtutors@pieperbar.com.


* Additional hours can be added at the same hourly rate. Candidates should be aware that tutoring is a process. By choosing these tutoring packages, you must want your tutor to spend time with you, learn your strengths and weaknesses, monitor your progress and be invested in your progress and success. To effectively tutor a candidate and to make a difference in that candidate's performance, a significant time commitment is required. In that regard, the 18 hour requirements are based on our years of experience and the assumption that candidates choosing these options simultaneously will be enrolled in Pieper Bar Review. Candidates not currently enrolled in Pieper Bar Review can expect that more time with a tutor likely will be required to effectively prepare for the exam without the benefit of 175 hours of bar review lecturer.



New York
NYS Board of Law Examiners
Corporate Plaza, Building 3 
254 Washington Avenue Ext.
Albany, NY 12203-5195
(518) 453-5990
(800) 342-3335 (NY Only)
New Jersey
NJ Board of Bar Examiners
P.O. Box 973
Trenton, NJ 08625-0973
(609) 984-2111

Suffolk County Courthouse
3 Pemberton Square
Room 707
Boston, MA  02108
(617) 482-4466

Note: Since you are investing an enormous amount of time and effort to prepare for the New York State Bar Examination, we encourage you to consider maximizing your return by sitting for a second state's bar examination.  Please peruse the above websites to learn more about the local bar examinations given in neighboring states on the Thursday, immediately following the New York and Multistate exams given on the last Tuesday and Wednesday of February and July, respectively.  By following the procedures outlined therein, you can in just three days take two bars and become admitted to practice in two states. 
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