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Pieper Early Start Home Study Program

Geography and busy schedules can make attending a regularly scheduled bar review course extremely difficult. For candidates unable to attend class at a scheduled location, Pieper Bar Review offers the Pieper Home Study Program. Working candidates and candidates from distant states find that our Home Study provides them with the flexibility they need while still enabling them to take a fully comprehensive bar review course. In that regard, the Home Study enables candidates anywhere to prepare for the New York and Multistate bar exams on their own schedule and with the New York and Multistate experts, not some one-course-fits-all jurisdictions self-study courses from unknown internet providers.

The Pieper Home Study includes all services that come with the Pieper Bar Review courses, such as procedural and substantive law support and all of the lectures from our most recent bar review course - over 175 hours of lecture on DVD or loaded on an Apple iPod that you can easily slip into your pocket and take with you wherever you choose to study. Of course, like candidates attending our Live or recorded lectures, you will receive hard copies of all books and printed materials, including those for the Pieper Essay, MPT and Multistate workshops, as well as expert grading and critiquing of practice essays.

For guidance and structure, we also provide a representative schedule for you to loosely follow and adjust to meet your individual needs. Also included in the Home Study are weekly guidelines to assist you in formulating your own schedule and monitoring your progress throughout the months and days leading up to and through the bar exam. These guidelines include assignments and references to the course materials designed to reinforce the concepts discussed in the lectures; we tell you when to take practice exams, write and submit essays and even when to take some time off.

Finally, in the weeks just prior to the bar exam, we provide all Pieper Home Study students with a legal update to ensure that they are abreast of any recent changes or developments in the law of which they should be aware before sitting for the bar exam. If questions - whether they are substantive, procedural or personal - arise before or upon completion of the Home Study program, John, Troy and Damian Pieper and their staff are always just a phone call away. If you believe that the Pieper Home Study Program is right for you, kindly review the Home Study Agreement below.

Pieper Home Study Includes:
- Complete Set of Lectures (approximately 175 hours) on DVD or an iPod.
- Multistate Law Outlines (legal text complementing the MBE lectures).
- New York Law Outlines (legal text complementing the New York lectures).
- Multistate Exam Book (containing 1000 simulated MBE questions and answers).
- New York Exam Book (containing simulated multiple choice questions and hundreds of practice essays and answers).
- New York Appellate Alert Compendium (covering critical bar exam related cases for the last twenty years; you will also receive a monthly update free of charge while you are enrolled in the course).
- 6 Multistate Booklets (one for each MBE Subject - containing hundreds of simulated questions and answers).
-  Essay Workshop Booklet & Answer Sheet.
- Essay Packet (for use when mailing 12 practice essays to our office
 for       professional grading and critiquing).
- Schedule of lectures & recommended submission dates for practice exams.
- Set of weekly Study Guidelines (outlining daily assignments).
- Admission to any Pieper Bar Review MPRE class held for the March, August, and November MPRE Exam (register at

Pricing Information:
The cost of the Pieper Home Study program is $4,095, plus a $500 refundable deposit for the return of the DVDs or the iPod and its accessories ($4,595 total due at purchase, and is non-refundable).  In that regard, upon the safe and timely return of the DVD's or iPod, accessories and content, this deposit will be promptly returned. Your Home Study program will be shipped to you anywhere in the continental U.S. via UPS ground service unless otherwise requested.  Payment may be in the form of certified check, bank check, money order or major credit card.  Please note that the Pieper Home Study is a special offer to which other offers, discounts and incentives do not apply.  Note that international shipping is at the student's expense which will be applied to the account on file.  

Home Study Agreement:
The DVDs or iPod and accessories (namely USB cable and wall charger) we provide to you remain the property of Pieper Bar Review, are on loan to you, and must be returned to Pieper within two weeks after the next New York State Bar Examination administered following shipment of your Home Study. Please be aware that each DVD and iPod is individually marked and tracked via a unique serial number and the same must be returned. Upon timely return of the undamaged DVDs or iPod and accessories (minus the headphones which are yours to keep), we will refund the $500 deposit, minus any actual repair costs and/or late return fees. Late fees are deducted from the deposit at a rate of $100 per week starting two weeks after the administration of the next New York State Bar Exam after the date this agreement is entered. Once the deposit is exhausted, because of the difficulty of producing proof of damages caused by the failure to return DVD's or iPod and its content, you agree to pay (a) liquidated damages in the amount of $4,095 and (b) any attorneys' fees and other costs incurred by Pieper to collect said amount and to recover possession of said DVDs or iPod and its contents. Please note also that failure to return rented property may subject the delinquent party to criminal prosecution (NYPL §165.00).   

The undersigned further recognizes and agrees that immediately upon purchase of the Home Study that: (i) The undersigned is ordering a full and complete bar review program.  As such all home study purchases are final, and no refunds shall be issued. (ii) All course materials and content, including the undersigned's lecture notes, DVDs or iPod, USB cable, and wall charger, are the sole property of Pieper Bar Review. (iii) No one, including the undersigned may share, sell, reproduce, duplicate, download, transmit, trade, sync or broadcast any of the aforementioned without the express written consent of Pieper Bar Review. (iv) Any attempts to sync or otherwise tamper with the DVDs or iPod or its contents will result in a forfeiture of the deposit. The lecture files on the DVDs and iPod you are receiving have been encrypted and any attempts to copy, transfer, modify, or sync with a computer will result in data loss.  In the event that these files are deleted, the undersigned agrees to pay to have the DVDs or iPod shipped and reformatted for $250.00. (v) The DVDs and iPod, USB cable, and wall charger must be returned in working condition to ensure return of the full deposit. (vi) If the DVDs or iPod are lost or stolen and the undersigned provides Pieper with written notice prior to the exhaustion of the deposit, the undersigned agrees to automatically be charged $1,500 for a replacement subject to Pieper approval. (vii) Any disputes arising from or relating to this Agreement shall be governed by New York law, without reference to principles of conflict of laws, and litigated only in the courts of competent subject matter jurisdiction located in Nassau County, N.Y. 

Any unauthorized showing, transmission, reproduction, broadcastng, or sale of course materials or content may be reported to the Committee on Character and Fitness in any jurisdiction where the undersigned or his or her accomplices, agents or assigns may apply for admission to the bar.




New York
NYS Board of Law Examiners
Corporate Plaza, Building 3 
254 Washington Avenue Ext.
Albany, NY 12203-5195
(518) 453-5990
(800) 342-3335 (NY Only)
New Jersey
NJ Board of Bar Examiners
P.O. Box 973
Trenton, NJ 08625-0973
(609) 984-2111

Suffolk County Courthouse
3 Pemberton Square
Room 707
Boston, MA  02108
(617) 482-4466

Note: Since you are investing an enormous amount of time and effort to prepare for the New York State Bar Examination, we encourage you to consider maximizing your return by sitting for a second state's bar examination.  Please peruse the above websites to learn more about the local bar examinations given in neighboring states on the Thursday, immediately following the New York and Multistate exams given on the last Tuesday and Wednesday of February and July, respectively.  By following the procedures outlined therein, you can in just three days take two bars and become admitted to practice in two states. 
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