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Pieper Courses : Bar Review Course

Full Bar Review Course

1.      Class Lectures

The New York Bar Exam is unlike any other bar exam given in the United States ~ what works elsewhere does not necessarily work here.  Pieper Bar Review covers all of the New York and Multistate Bar Examination subjects, offering more in class lecture hours than any other bar review program.  Only Pieper Bar Review integrates overlapping subjects to achieve seamless coverage of all topics unattainable by courses that parade their out-of-state lecturers all over the country.        

2.      Bi-Weekly Essays

Essay writing is 40% of New York's Bar Exam.  Bi-weekly examinations are taken by Pieper students, each handing in twelve essays to be individually graded, analyzed and critiqued by our team of attorney graders.  In addition, the Pieper New York Exam Book provides students with hundreds of additional Bar Exam type essays with model answers.

3.      Essay Writing Workshop

In addition to writing and submitting graded essays every two weeks, Pieper students attend the Pieper Essay Writing Workshop.  Here, students write several more essays and immediately review each essay for structure and content with John, Troy, and Damian Pieper. 

4.      Multiple-Choice Testing

Fifty New York multiple-choice questions comprise 10% of a candidate's score and two hundred Multistate multiple-choice questions contribute 40%.  Students take a daily multiple-choice quiz corresponding to each lecture.  These quizzes reinforce the substantive material as well as the candidate's test taking skills.  These questions are in addition to the approximately 1,500 simulated Multistate questions, provided in class and in the Pieper Multistate Exam Book.  Students are assigned 20 to 30 practice Multistate questions each day, and select questions are covered in class as well.

At the conclusion of the Pieper Course, students have been exposed to more than 2,000 multiple choice questions in preparation for the Multistate and New York Bar Examinations.  In addition, during Multistate lectures, questions will be distributed and worked on in class with John, Troy, and Damian, who will assist candidates with respect to both substance and technique.  

5.         The Pieper Integrated Multistate Workshop


With over thirty years of experience, John Pieper has found that students must be continuously tested in order to truly master the law.  In addition to the 1,500 Multistate questions, the Pieper Method integrates a Multistate Workshop into the 22 Multistate lectures. Time is taken during class lecture so students can immediately test themselves on their ability to apply the law to various fact patterns, thus reinforcing the new material.  John, Troy, and Damian Pieper will then review each question in class covering the tricks and nuances of the Multistate Exam. 

6.     The Pieper Multistate Performance Test (MPT) Workshop

The New York Bar Exam includes a ninety-minute Multistate Performance Test (MPT), which is worth 10% of a candidate's overall score.  The MPT presents students with a fictitious assignment, typically from a lawyer, requiring the student to organize and draft an opinion letter, brief, or memorandum of law based on a case file and relevant law provided by the examiners.   The MPT's focus is on legal analysis, fact application, and problem solving - the examiners want to see if the candidate can perform legal tasks.

During the Pieper MPT workshop, students review prior performance exams, develop an approach to the MPT, and create a system for separating pertinent information from irrelevant and conflicting information included in the packet.  Both as part of the Pieper MPT Workshop and throughout the course, Pieper students complete several Performance Tests to ensure that they are prepared for this critical component of the Bar Exam.

Tuition for the Full Review Bar Course is $3,695.

For students repeating the New York Bar Exam who have studied with Pieper Bar Review within the past five years, tuition for the Full Bar Review Course is $1,595.

For students repeating the New York Bar Exam who have not studied with Pieper Bar Review, but with another full New York State bar review course within the past five years, tuition for the Full Bar Review Course is $1,595.  You must submit a receipt indicating the aforementioned. 



New York
NYS Board of Law Examiners
Corporate Plaza, Building 3 
254 Washington Avenue Ext.
Albany, NY 12203-5195
(518) 453-5990
(800) 342-3335 (NY Only)
New Jersey
NJ Board of Bar Examiners
P.O. Box 973
Trenton, NJ 08625-0973
(609) 984-2111

Suffolk County Courthouse
3 Pemberton Square
Room 707
Boston, MA  02108
(617) 482-4466

Note: Since you are investing an enormous amount of time and effort to prepare for the New York State Bar Examination, we encourage you to consider maximizing your return by sitting for a second state's bar examination.  Please peruse the above websites to learn more about the local bar examinations given in neighboring states on the Thursday, immediately following the New York and Multistate exams given on the last Tuesday and Wednesday of February and July, respectively.  By following the procedures outlined therein, you can in just three days take two bars and become admitted to practice in two states. 
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